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In 2009 I opened a new path in my career:

writer and illustrator of children's books. Since then five educational books about environment were published, four of them translated to English, French, German, Hebrew and Spanish. They are: Water, Plants, Earth and Air. All of them in partnership with my friend biologist Dr. Israel Felzenszwalb, PhD in Biology by the Université Paris-Sorbonne, France.

Environment Collection for Kids

With biologist and co-author Dr. Israel Felzenszwalb the Environment Collection for Kids aims to show young readers important aspects of the fundamental 'blocks' that make up and sustain the environment in which we live.


If almost all of our planet is covered with water, why do we call it Earth? This book shows the important role played by water in our everyday lives. It shows water in its different natural states and explains how essential it is for our protection and well-being. You will discover many reasons to respect and take good care of water in order to preserve healthy life on our blue planet. You can find it on Amazon


What is a plant? Is it an animal? Is it a person? Questions the authors began thinking about when they realized how much we worry about people and animals in our everyday lives and how little attention we pay to these other inhabitants of our planet, although we depend on them so much. They are living beings too, after all! This book is a compelling remainder of the important role played by plants, the good they do to us and how they deserve our respect. You can find it on Amazon.


How did earth emerge on our planet? What are the different forms in which it appears? The importance of recycling and the risks we take with the accumulation of waste and pollution. Numerous tips on the things we can do to protect our planet. Preserving the environment for the benefit of all those - people, plants and animals - that inhabit planet Earth. You can find it on Amazon.


Our planet is all covered by air and we need it clean to our well-being. This book shows the importance of the air purity in our lives. You will get to know the different forms of its presence in nature and how it is important and does us good. You will discover many reasons to respect and take care of the air. In doing so, you will preserve the healthy and harmonious life in our planet. You can find it on Amazon.

How a certain Jungle King learned all about plants with some very strange teachers...

With biologist and co-author Dr. Israel Felzenszwalb

Zeca is a smart boy who thinks he's the coolest kid in the block. That until he's taken for a little trip to the FCOPFTWDBTPALB (Full Course On Plants For Those Who Don't Believe That Plants Are Living Beings). The teachers seemed a bit strange in the beginning, but little by little they gave him an entire new perspective of the environment in which he lived.

*Not yet translated 8(

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