Animals of the world, unite!

Dear humans, WOOHOO! Finally, we have a channel where we can talk in a language that you understand!

Ever since you appeared here on Earth, our communication has been quite difficult because of your inability to realize the amount of information we try to pass on to you. What you call barks, meows, grunts, bleats, moos, hoots and whistles are actually languages full of subtle messages because we sniff, hear and, in some cases, see better than you. As a result, this lack of understanding has been tremendously damaging to us, so much so that in some cases, there were tragic consequences as the extinction of a number of our representatives!

Actually, you must be asking, “How is that they are speaking so well with us”? The truth is that after much searching, we finally found some humans who have the uncanny knack to understand and translate what we ‘talk’. We decided, however, to keep their identities a secret. We believe that, because they are still few, we needed to preserve them of the strange and invasive ‘curiosity’ that you have.

Certainly you would raise them to ‘celebrities’, as you always do, call them for interviews in the media, armies and secret services certainly would be interested in them, you’d create pets’ products with their names, dolls with their images, luxury purses made with our skins, maybe you would even produce a ‘Reality Show’ with them or an Oscar-nominated film! This certainly would be the end of their lives and ours. You see, this group has our nature, they know us deeply, understand us completely and we trust them blindly. For us, they are unique, irreplaceable! But we hope to find more of them and this space, for sure, will be of much help.



We created this newspaper to talk about our relationship with you, praise and encourage those who care about us, those who respect and protect us, those who save our lives, return us to freedom or collect and adopt us. But we also want to denounce those who exploit, humiliate, mistreat and hunt us, complain about our use as guinea pigs, as some circus ‘attractions’, our imprisonment in aquariums and cages, expose our mass submission to torture and terrifying confinements for the sole purpose of being slaughtered and processed into food and the use of our bodies as amulets, aphrodisiacs or religious sacrifices, the ‘evil’ list is immense!

In fact, none of us, and we believe none of you, know exactly what happened, why you have outdistanced us so much, after all you are animals too, you must also fight to survive, you also want to perpetuate through new generations because these are life’s laws and they apply to everyone!



What a nonsense to say that it is us who are the ‘wild’ ones, the ‘monsters’, the ‘dangerous’, the ‘aggressive’! Have you ever wondered why you had to create laws, dogmas, rules, religions and moral? Can you imagine what your behavior would be without them?

It looks like you have not learned yet what to exactly do with this ‘brain overdose’ that you say you have. Want some examples? You are the only animals that are aware of your inevitable death but do not deal very well with it, you get all messed up with everything that relates to the ‘hardware’ responsible for your reproduction, which you nicknamed as ‘sex’ or ‘sexuality’, you found very odd solutions to deal with the fear of the unknown, you don’t respect your differences, you learned to kill for nothing, as if life were something commonplace.

But, please, come on, we don’t want our first meeting to be just an outburst. Trouble is that we still have lots of ‘stuck’ subjects …

Well, above all we respect you as living beings, cohabiting the same space as us, and it would be great if you could also participate supporting and / or denouncing, okay?


capivaras 2A EN

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