twenty seventeen

They’re twin sisters.
Almost Siamese.
So close that one doesn’t exist without the other.
However, quite different, divergent.
They live together, but at a safe distance.
It’s always been so and so it will always be.

Where did they come from? Nobody knows.
A powerful and faithful line of thought believes that their father is a true god.
Another strand, concludes, with a strong, striking proof, that their mother is Nature herself.

Of the two sisters, one is seen as a true miracle of beauty!
About the other, well, she’s not so well talked about, from her, a true and safe distance is always desired. Good grief!

But beware, crowd of unwary ones!
Appearances continue to deceive!

If you belong to those who acclaim and elect the most beautiful one, here’s a warning:
Because she was born fragile (and she knows it very well!), she became a demanding and dependent spoiled girl.

To release all her benefits, she demands to be well nourished, overprotected from all dangers, totally healed of all ills, entertained in a hollywoodian way when in her boring moments and so on.

And as if all this were not enough, she demands more: to be infinitely reproduced.
One tip: she’ll value you a lot if you show her you are a connoisseur when the subject covers the great art of natural selection.

More: even knowing that these are pure utopias, try also to promise her happiness, peace, eternity. For her, these are dear themes, deeply desired pamperings.

Oh, yes, one more thing: her greatest demand is to be kept far far away from her sister. But never ever ask her why. She’ll make a scandal, weep buckets, make scenes, threaten you with blackmail, she will say that those are family problems, which are none of your business, etcetera, etcetera.
If you want to know the reason for this reaction, try to meet her twin. Just be carefull …

Necessary mood change in order to speak about the sister.
In fact, we know almost nothing about her. Even because, those who got to know her well, for some strange reason didn’t come back to tell us what they found. Maybe, who knows, that’s a good sign,…

The most we can say about her is that she is gloomy, reclusive, silent, has a very cold, dark mood, quite chilly I would say. In fact, an almost total unknown. And maybe that’s why no one wants her around in any party. So, it seems that because she didn’t resign herself with this forced solitude, she decided to be a master in the art of penetrating without being seen, suddenly appearing in the most unexpected, most unwanted moments. Some say that she perfectly knows about the frailty of her sister and so she patiently waits, just like a sniper. Envy? We’ll never know…

In her favor, however, we can say that on certain occasions her presence may indeed be considered as a relief, a consolation for some greater suffering, a good thing when times are upside down. Unlike her twin, the only requirement she makes for her appearance – if she still can demand anything – is for her little sister to be present too. Believe it or not, that’s all. Simple and frugal as only she knows to be. It’s even heard through the grapevine that she has a good nature, good intentions, that she’s only a consequence, never the cause.

Oh, you insist on knowing where they come from.

It’s ok. I repeat that no one has ever really known who their parents are. For the moment, nothing but theories. Concretely, it is only known that the sisters are among us since the beginnings of the world. In fact, even before that, maybe since the universe itself began. Well, at least in this one where we exist, it is so. They are present in everything and everyone, both in encounters, including those at atomic level, as well as in farewells.

To tell you the truth, they are the main actresses of this endless universal play, “The Transformation,” whose script is based on the constant appearing and disappearing of beings, stars, days, years, buildings, situations, relationships, dimensions, in fact, of everything.

And that’s it.

Oh yes, before I forget, one was named Life.
Her sister, as you probably already guessed, is called Death.

They are twin sisters.
Almost Siamese.
Accepting them as they are, is and will always be our eternal homework.

The year that‘s about to end required us to do and redo this duty many times. I hope we enter the new year with several lessons learned, knowing that new ones are waiting for us.

But let’s keep hope at its highest level and so, may we all have a beautiful and happy new year, full of great and good transformations.

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