I’ve heard that, according to astrology, those born under the sign of Pisces are in their last incarnation. Well, it gives me some relief. But no, that doesn’t mean surrendering, quite the opposite. The fact is that, as time goes by and, well, for me it went by quite a bit already, it becames clearer to me, and I’m shure others feel it too, the extremely dangerous path that our self entitled ‘superior, VIP, leader-of-the-pack species’ is taking. Hence, yes or not (who knows if this is not my last chance?) at this point in my life, I decided to create and maintain this space, to establish one more channel with the world, even being it a virtual one, a requirement these days, after all, the way things are going, virtuality is gradually taking the place of our reality.

‘In living color’, today, apparently means to appear in a social network on a color screen cell phone. We’ve been measuring the intensity of our relationships by the number of likes or dislikes, our thumbs and forfingers have never been so ‘in shape’, informality turned to inform(ation)ality…



Hence, with the lightness of a hippo dancing ballet, THE question arises: “after all, what kind of species is ours”?

In fact, we are highly creative when dealing with self-publicity. But, in the end, our so deified intelligence made us the most unsuitable of all the species that live here. Unlike others, it doesn’t satisfy us to live with the planetary deafult (oh, throw out this manual, who will read it?). The compulsion to give our ‘personal touch’ is uncontrollable, to transform everything around us is the moto: we play unmercifully with the basic settings of environmental balance, divide continents to our military pleasure, scour the ground in search of some material we call ‘riches’, we don’t feel guilty for using and abusing a lot of living species, including our own, for survival and comfort ‘efforts’, in other words, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating, we perfectly fit the definition of ‘the-plague-that-devastates-the-planet’, mainly because we are already 7 billion + and the reproductive game is not over yet…


Moreover, our ever-studied never-understood consciousness made us explanations’ / answers’ addicted. We need EVERYTHING to be explained! Hence, to soothe or placate our pachydermic anxiety for them, we created sciences, religions and the like, ‘paths’ that are injected in our veins day in day out and that at some point (Wikipedia?), touch each other for sure. The problem is that, most often, they are one more reason for us to quarrel, sometimes violently.



Talking about our inventions, we have created, among others, the famous ‘duos’ Heaven and Hell, Good and Evil, Peace and War and, the icing on the cake, the Revenge, the one and only perpetual motion ever heard. Once started, never stops.

By the way, what also catch the eyes:

– The immense facility we have for quarreling by the most different and sometimes futile reasons – skin colors, different beliefs, salty food, transit;

– The ease with which we kill – new ‘death facilitators’ are always being invented;

– The sloppiness with which we clog the seas and the rest of the world with Everests of nasty waste



Well, the truth is that we created some Horrors & Kindnesses* Circus that keeps surprising us with new and strange performances. Being so, ladies and gentlemen, the aim of this ‘startup-for-the-next-years-of-my-life’, in addition to my intention to have a private ‘mind cleaning’ channel (I bet you didn’t notice it yet, uh?), is to provide kind of a species-mirror space, where we can see ourselves reflected and, wearing an ET persona, try to deduce, from observation, who we really are. And the fact that the Internet is a network that unites(?) us globally, it suits this purpose perfectly.

Because there will be difficult issues to suck up, we’ll try, whenever possible, to provide a humorous water for better swallowing. ‘Provocations’ will be proposed for you to comment, participate, to get it off your chest too, praise, boo, establish/end our relationship, in short, your reactions and mine will be the true cast that will perform in this space.


* Yes, kindnesses there are many, but they are not very much publicized, because bad news always generate more audience…

PS: I take this opportunity to promote my campaign “Give an experienced one a chance”. Work proposals are welcome. 8)